Wonders Close to Home

Project Designer Brooke Jackson is a 5th-generation Bozeman native, however, there is so much of this state that she has yet to experience (she’s young and the state is big).  Brooke’s MTQBatical focused on several historic Montana landmarks that draw people to this region from around the world.  She set off on an itinerary of incredible places  – both breathtaking natural phenomenon and remarkable man-made contributions. She visited the Natural Bridge Falls near Big Timber, a captivating, pristine wonder where the Boulder River disappears into the earth and reveals itself at a waterfall, only to be swallowed by the earth again.

Brooke’s Route (Aqua)

She then traveled along the scenic Beartooth Highway, a feat in civil engineering, up treacherous and stunning mountains. Along the route, she stopped at the Clay Butte Lookout, a functioning fire lookout built in 1942 that has highly accurate mapping capabilities. This old and beautiful locating technology is still utilized due to its accuracy and the remote landscape it observes. Brooke’s trek extended into Yellowstone National Park, where she compared the effect of the extreme climate on historic lodges and newly constructed lodges. She ended her adventure at Sage Lodge, a newly constructed lodge in Pray, Montana which provides Montanan hospitality at a grand scale.