Willson is a Winner

Comma-Q won a 2019 Excellence in Design Award from the AIA Montana last month for our work on the Willson Residences. This incredible project was led by owners Jim, Lois and Grant Syth at Bridger Builders and undertaken by a team of dedicated professionals and city planners all of whom were inspired by the goal to save this stately brick building from demolition and transform it into something new and viable for the future.

The Willson Residences

Built in 1902, the former Gallatin County High School building was repurposed into sixteen luxury condominiums, complete with expansive windows, private balconies and tasteful fixtures.  Comma-Q did a masterful job of respecting the historic relevance of this building, while creating an artful blend of classic and contemporary design elements. Each unit within the Willson Residences is unique and is designed to highlight the character of the historic spaces while capturing the essence of contemporary urban loft living in downtown Bozeman.

The Willson Residences are an outstanding creative example of adaptive reuse that will ensure the building’s survival and long-term relevance. As community-based architects, Comma-Q recognized that creatively preserving this iconic landmark was critical to honor Bozeman’s impressive architectural heritage, which has helped shape our town’s unique character and continues to enhance our overall quality of life.