Willson Auditorium Weight Loss

Armed with a fleet of specifically assigned (and very full) recycling dumpsters, General Contractor Swank Enterprises has completed the demolition phase for the Auditorium portion of the Willson Renovation project. Many tons of material have been removed from the interior of the auditorium.

Bozeman School District No. 7 and the Bozeman Schools Foundation have joined forces to renovate the Willson Auditorium. Renovation tasks consist of re-shaping the room to improve acoustics, refurbishing seats, ventilation upgrades and other features that enhance safety and convenience

willson auditorium-0355

The amazing original monolithic concrete work at the underside of the Willson balcony:
willson auditorium-0331

For an excellent, three and a half minute overview of the acoustic improvements watch this video:

Link to article from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Willson Auditorium’s facelift off to impressive start