What’s in a Name?

Comma-Q Architecture’s name is derived from the desire to pause and then question the task at hand. As community-based architects we live and work within the community we serve. We have watched our little town continue to grow and flourish, yet realize it is also our responsibility to ensure that this growth is smart, reflects Bozeman values and continues to cultivate a healthy way of life.

Our team of architects reflect on a location’s landscape, views, history, as well as current and future patterns of use. We then design a unique response that is informed by these elements. While we may reference the historical, our desire is to create something original, embracing new technologies and sustainable building practices. As we design buildings, we also build relationships that matter to us.  Ultimately, our desire is for the entire team to feel a sense of connection and pride in a well-executed finished project that will remain beautiful and relevant for years to come.