the WILDlife Downtown Bozeman

__A.R.T. Downtown Bozeman, original submission

Does it get any better than this? We live in the last best place – and what a place it is! Project “The WILDlife downtown” is more than a collage, or an artistic depiction or a political statement. It’s the expression of a deep-seeded belief in the greatness of our town. It’s an ongoing conversation, a credo, and a shared commitment to the values that we share as fellow Bozemanites. Our design is a simple, yet playful, visual exploration of Bozeman’s main street teeming with our not-so-distant wildlife neighbors. The design has been carefully crafted to attract and entertain people (and animals too!) of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Whether it’s a gaggle of geese on the upper floor, or a gang of cows headed down main street there is an image that will strike a chord or cause a chuckle for just about any type of passerby. Ultimately, this design drives at one simple theme: in Bozeman we are alive, vibrant and wild beings – we are the WILDlife Downtown!

Before: BORING!

Ready for Install

The guys hard at work.

Ready for the show

Q was here.