Sweet Wrinkled Peas!

A hundred years ago Bozeman was known as the “Sweet Pea capital of the nation”, recognizing the region’s prolific edible pea crop. Over 17,000 acres of the Gallatin Valley were planted in edible peas, producing 75% of the nation’s crop. The Bozeman Canning Company was founded in 1917 and opened in the summer of 1918, canning peas, beans and carrots. They were marketed as “peas that please” and distributed across the nation.

To promote the area and celebrate its prosperity, local business owners began a “Sweet Pea Carnival” that included a large parade. In 1977, the “Sweet Pea” concept was revived as an arts festival rather than a harvest celebration, and today is one of the largest festivals in Montana.

Celebrating its 100th anniversary, the historic Bozeman Pea Cannery, has been adaptively transformed and is a central feature of what is now commonly referred to as Bozeman’s Cannery District.

Comma-Q proudly continues to contribute and play an important role in revitalizing this previously overlooked corner of town into an architecturally significant neighborhood hub; a vibrant place that fuels and supports creativity. Today vegetables have been replaced by high-tech businesses, restaurants and other uses as this district has become a vibrant part of Bozeman’s Northeast Neighborhood. The goal of the entire development has always been to celebrate the originality of the existing agrarian buildings, incorporating their rich history and restoring them into functional, modern day versions of what they used to be.