Story Mill Pursues LEED

Business Wire logoIn Business Wire news, “Bozeman Montana’s Story Mill Neighborhood to Pursue LEED Certification:”

The 90-acre Story Mill Neighborhood currently consists of the historic, but deteriorating Story Mill itself, closed stockyards and various associated buildings, a mobile home park and wetlands. The project will transform this area into a state-of-the-art clean and green neighborhood which will provide 1100 residential units and single family homes, 200,000 (gross) square feet of light industrial, retail, commercial, and live-work spaces, and approximately 35 acres of open space including publicly accessible foot/bike trails…

The Story Mill project will include medium and high density housing (including Affordable Housing for those who qualify) and is currently navigating the Bozeman City Commission approval process. Projected additional tax revenue may exceed $5 million annually with almost $2.5 million directed at the Bozeman School District once completed.

Along with Blue Sky Development, The Story Mill project design team includes: GBD Architects, a nationally recognized firm for rehabilitating urban and historical landmarks; Hyalite Engineers, a Bozeman company with more than 50 years of combined experience in civil and environmental engineering; Comma-Q Architecture Inc., a local firm whose work combines intelligent and progressive design to Bozeman’s unique architectural environment; Bozeman-based, Joseph W. Sabol II, Attorney & Counselor at Law, and Kath Williams, president of World Green Building Council. Kath, a long-time Bozeman resident, is a LEED Accredited Professional, who has worked on numerous green projects around the world, including two LEED-Platinum projects in India.