Story Mansion Gets Facelift

From the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, “Story Mansion to get facelift:”

The majestic Story Mansion doesn’t look so majestic these days.

Chipped paint, rotten woodwork and a serious lack of accessibility are some of the issues the city of Bozeman is hoping to correct by spending nearly $800,000 to spruce up the outside of the building.

 “It’s certainly going to buff up the outside and the curb appeal,” said James Goehrung, superintendent of land and facilities for the city.Goehrung said it will be a delicate project because the city does not want to see it change into a totally different building.

“We’re looking for people that do have experience with historical structures,” he said.

The building is getting the treatment in the nick of time, said Ben Lloyd, who works at Comma-Q Architectural Inc., the company overseeing the work on the mansion.

“The timing is good,” Lloyd said. “It will change from a money pit to its former grandeur.”