State of the Art Courtroom

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle believes the “Gallatin County courtroom is state of the art:”

“We’ve been told it’s the best in the state…”

With a dozen television screens, video conferencing, high-level sound equipment and a digital evidence-display system, District Judge John Brown’s new courtroom is one of the most modern, high-tech courtrooms in the state. “It is state of the art,” Brown said Thursday as he and District Court administrator Dorothy Bradley displayed the courtroom’s gadgets….

The video-conferencing features, meanwhile, allow the judge to meet with five different people, in five different locations, at one time, Bradley said. That allows people to testify from other parts of the country. The video capabilities also allow defendants to appear in court from jail.

“In terms of district courts, I think this is on the cutting edge,” said Ben Lloyd of Comma-Q Architecture Inc., who helped design the courtroom.”