Standby Snow… Go Snow!

Young people across the globe took to the streets today to make their voices heard regarding inaction about climate change.

Last month, Comma-Q teamed with Mountain Time Arts and an amazing cast and crew to produce Chapter One of Standby Snow: Chronicles of a Heat Wave. The performances focused on the devastating effects of fire and drought, and on the resiliency of people and place. It was a poignant effort that brought together video, architecture, music and live performances against the unique backdrop of the historic Story Mill grain terminal.  

As part of the overall production team, Principal Architect Ben Lloyd and designer Kelly Olinger played an integral role with set design. They used space to combine perspectives, along with a multi-media of canvases to convey the show’s message on climate, displacement of indigenous people and our region’s natural resources. In addition, Ben provided powerful video content and still photography footage that was incorporated into the final production. A collage of Story Mill-specific set design concepts is featured in this CQ Media video short:

Ben serves on the board of Mountain Time Arts, a Bozeman-based nonprofit organization that produces bold and engaging public art projects that address critical social and environmental issues. Ben and Kelly have even grander ambitions for Chapter Two, which begins production later this fall and is scheduled for performances next summer.