Step outside. Feel that? Warm yellow sunlight is pushing out the cold blue days of winter, and that means construction like crazy in the Gallatin Valley.

This Spring, Comma-Q Architecture will undertake construction administration of more than  $15M in educational projects. Hawthorne School in Bozeman and Ridge View Elementary in Belgrade will see classroom additions and Monforton School District will witness a new middle school.

Monforton Middle School


Over the past decade or so, Monforton administrators have been challenged with the task of balancing available financial resources with a relentless influx of students. Beginning in 2009, the District undertook construction projects of a size and scope that were intended to address growth, but were also constrained by state-mandated bonding limits. Without the ability to significantly increase capacity, administrators found themselves in an increasingly familiar situation on the first day of school: too many kids, not enough desks. In 2015, the Montana state legislature changed the rules for school bonding and Monforton was first in line to finally do a project with capacity that will accommodate their needs. The new Monforton Middle School will consist of 9 classrooms, a gymnasium, media center, multi-purpose room, and other support spaces. The school is 32,300 sf and is likely headed for an under-budget situation.

Monforton School District has hired Langlas and Associates as General Contractor/Construction Manager.

Hawthorne Elementary Addition


The bones of Hawthorne Elementary date back to 1938 and Fred Willson’s original vision for the elementary school cast in concrete. With minor changes to accommodate growth over the years, the school undoubtedly holds a place in the memories of many Bozeman residents. Nearly eighty-years since its conception, Hawthorne will receive some loving care in the next year.

The project will feature areas of limited renovation and a two-story addition. The addition will include seven new classroom spaces (one more than current), additional bathrooms, and an elevator to bring accessibility to all areas of Hawthorne Elementary. The relocated classrooms will provide permanent homes for educational functions currently located in modular units or otherwise sharing spaces. The lunch room and food service area will be reconfigured from the basement to the first floor. The main office will be relocated from deep within the school to a new, secure, public entry. Technology and HVAC systems are slated for upgrades along with Site features like sidewalks, access components, and green space.

The Owner’s General Contractor/Construction Manager, Dick Anderson Construction is working alongside the Comma-Q design team during the design phase of the project.

Ridge View Elementary Addition

Ridge View is adding about 9,600 sf at the northwest wing of the school and doing some interior shuffling/renovation near the center of the school. The addition will add five classrooms, one computer lab, and other support spaces. Three existing classrooms will be renovated into spaces that support education.

Dick Anderson Construction is working with the Belgrade School District alongside Comma-Q during the design phase of the project.