Reflections on Shelter

For his MTQBatical, Architect Michael Guiliano wanted to study the concept of shelter, and he came away with a better understanding of the relationship between shelter and the environment. Mike used the water and the banks of the mighty Missouri River as a venue for reflection and spent three days floating in a canoe and two nights contemplating the basic meaning of shelter. He also wanted to experience what Mother Nature could throw at him. 

Mike’s Route (Blue)

During his canoe trip down the Upper Missouri River Mike had time to reflect on finding shelter in its most primitive form. With shelter in mind, the following observations were realized along the Coal Banks – Judith Landing stretch of the river:

The Wenonah

The Shade of a lone Cottonwood Tree

The Wind…when at our back

White Cliffs, markers along the river, responding to our voices

The River, its slow but steady pace during the month of September

Deep Silence of the sandstone slot canyon

Warmth of a morning fire

The Wenonah, a vessel to lighten our load           

These ideas of shelter are directly connected to environment, providing comfort, while allowing a little of the inside – out.