Re-thinking: meeting

At Comma-Q we spend a lot of time in meetings. And lately we’ve been questioning what it means to meet and how venue effects the color & tone of conversation. Meeting in the park can contribute to a far different tone in conversation than meeting for dinner at a restaurant. Ambiance of place influences our social behavior whether we are conscious of it or not.

How does the conference room contribute to the conversations that emanate from within? Would meetings benefit from a variety of spaces that provoke a range of ‘moods’? These questions inspired Comma-Q to conceptualize a space unlike the conference room.

Often, conference spaces are comprised of a centrally positioned table accompanied with chairs for individuals to gather around and discuss the topic at hand. We wanted an alternative meeting space to support a variety of postures atypical to an ordinary conference room. Interior-01nightRather than closing the doors to our conference room, transparency provided a sense of community beyond. Presentable surfaces became partitions, mobile furniture provided functional flexibility, and “site” awareness acknowledged the office rather than hiding from it. It was our intention, by incorporating these qualities, to arouse our sense of creative “freedom” from the ‘table & chair’ routine.

This project is an ongoing, collaborative process, allowing the office to continually discuss what it means to meet.