Willson Administration Building Exterior Stabilization

Bozeman, MT
Client: Bozeman School District #7
Size: 75,642 sq.ft.
Contractor: Coon Restoration

Built in the 1930s, this large-scale, public building in the Art Deco style is primarily a cast-in-place concrete structure with exposed concrete walls. The goal of this historic preservation was to stabilize potentially dangerous conditions, eliminate water intrusion that had compromised the integrity in areas of the building, and provide an overall facelift. Stone veneer was reattached at locations where masonry anchors failed, masonry units were repointed, spalling concrete was patched (including an intensive parapet rebuild and window header repair), cast-in-place concrete details were restored, all windows replaced, and all surfaces were cleaned and sealed. The City of Bozeman Historic Preservation Advisory Board recognized the project with an award for “Excellence in Outstanding Achievement in Restoration & Rehabilitation.”

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