Bozeman, MT
Client: Earle Langeland
Size: 2,495 sq.ft.

The celebrated buildings that line Bozeman’s Main Street have earned them a designation with the National Register of Historic Places. Great efforts have been made to preserve these structures. The two-story building that now houses Plonk is a contributing property to the Main Street Historic District.  Built in 1903, there are numerous striking architectural features including a finely detailed metal cornice, Beaux-Arts window moldings and decorative finials.  Concentrating on façade design, interior space planning and structural strengthening, Comma-Q helped transform the space into one of Bozeman’s most unique and popular restaurants. During renovation, original architectural components were discovered, carefully restored and ultimately juxtaposed with contemporary design elements resulting in an outstanding example of adaptive reuse of this historic space. Plonk was presented with an award for excellence in historic preservation for their investment in Bozeman’s past.

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