Monforton Schools

Bozeman, MT
Client: Monforton School District
Size: 60,600 sq.ft.
Contractor: Langlas & Associates

For the past decade Comma-Q has tried to keep pace with influx of students in the Monforton School District. During this time, Comma-Q led a team to oversee site master planning and building concepts to address increasing enrollment and improve existing conditions at Monforton School. Working closely with school administrators and community members to provide clear communication to the voters was critical in obtaining approval for two separate bonds to renovate and add classrooms to the growing campus. This multi-phase project included comprehensive electrical, mechanical, heating & air handling system upgrades to accommodate numerous new classrooms, overflow instruction and storage spaces, plus administrative offices. An innovative middle school was added to the programming, complete with gymnasium and cafeteria. The project also incorporated a new bus drop-off, a parking lot for 60 dedicated and 27 drop-off spaces.  Accessibility throughout the campus, focusing on security issues, as well as fire access, were paramount to the overall design.

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