Mint Dental Studio

Bozeman, MT
Client: Jason & Karina Tanguay
Size: 2,932 sq.ft.
Contractor: Langlas & Associates

Mint Dental Studio has created such an inviting space, that it makes you want to go to the dentist. When Mint Dental Studio decided to relocate to a new building in the Cannery District the result was a fun & modern twist to the typical dental office. Their objective was to provide an attractive and relaxing environment for patients, paired with state-of-the-art dentistry technology and equipment. The customized space maximizes the design potential in a way that is effective, efficient and attractive. This care and attention to the design environment sets the tone for the individualized and professional service found in the office. By investing in the smallest details, Mint Dental has elevated their client’s experience into one that is fresh & clean in more ways than one.

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