Headframe Spirits

Butte, MT
Client: John & Courtney McKee
Size: 6,320 sq.ft.

Every small town in Montana boasts an array of noteworthy watering holes. The owners of Headframe Spirits had big plans when they settled on retrofitting the historic Schumacher building in uptown Butte into a distillery and tasting room. Comma-Q helped identify a workable building that provided the existing structural support needed to house the 8,000 lb. tanks the distillery required. Careful master planning afforded a smooth process which preserved the structural and historical integrity of this iconic building while repurposing areas to ensure the fit and flow was perfect for its new tenants. Selective demolition revealed striking architectural details that had been hidden or underappreciated for years, including original tile flooring and a second story dance hall that was converted into a unique setting for private parties. It was important to preserve these historic details and stay true to the character of the building. Now a mainstay of this colorful town, Headframe Spirits is inseparably linked with the history of Butte, its current community and making a little history of its own.

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