Community Food Co-op

Bozeman, MT
Client: Community Food Co-op
Size: 23,550 sq.ft.
Contractor: Langlas & Associates

The Community Food Co-op West Main facility demonstrates unambiguous leadership in improving Bozeman’s built environment. In 2019, the two-decade-old main store was nearly doubled in size while upholding cutting-edge sustainability standards. The structural system, Cross Laminated Timber, is made from a renewable Montana resource and sequesters carbon. The most direct connection to nature is the vegetated rooftop and one of the most exciting energy-saving features is a cogeneration power system. Flexibility is a key design concept, which ensures longevity of the building by anticipating evolving patterns of use. The two-story addition includes a commercial kitchen, receiving area and high bay storage as well as offices and a large meeting room.

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