“We want something you can see
from Google Earth.”

Architecture is a collaborative process: a coordination of
construction teams, engineers, city inspectors. First and
foremost, though, is always the client.
So when our clients, the Bozeman School District, asked the
students of Bozeman High for input on the new building, they said:
“We want something you can see from Google Earth.”
Immediately, Comma-Q Architecture, Inc. launched into action,
undertaking the following procedures:
  1. Scrathing our heads.
  2. Talking more to students and staff.
  3. Collectively coming up with a courtyard design
    incorporating the Bozeman Hawks school mascot.

Bozeman Hawks logo

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A Building Is a Process

Comma-Q Is All About 
Bozeman High-
Main Corridor
Bozeman High School- corridor to library
A School Needs
Space for Activity…
Bozeman High School- Berg library door
…And a Place
for Reflection

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