Private CQ


CQ-WIP is our test of three new web-ways to store or share info/files
meant only for CQ staff or for clients, but not for the public:

  1.     1. Posts that are Private or Password-Protected
  2.     2. Office Journal posts
  3.     3. CQ Project sheets that are Private

Here’s some CQ-WIP-related Private lists (must be logged in to see info):

CQ= Eyes Only — Private Post w/ info & how-tos on CQ-WIP.

Office Journal — All Posts assigned Category: WIP.
These Posts don’t display on any publicly linked lists (News, RSS Feed, etc.).
They can be Private, Public, or Public but Password-Protected.

All Projects — List of every CQ Project, including Private ones.
Each has links to view and edit that CQ Project page.

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