Important People

Architecture is about problem-solving which requires teamwork and collaboration.

Important People

Architecture is about problem-solving which requires teamwork and collaboration.

Principal Architect | Vice President | LEED AP

Ben Lloyd

Ben founded Comma-Q Architecture in 1993 and joined his firm with Hennebery Eddy Architects in 2021. He is motivated by community-centered projects. Ben is also driven by good design. He believes that successful design can reveal and enhance the best qualities of a place. He is adept in his ability to turn a client’s vision, wants, and needs into a beautiful and functional solution. His approach is based on an understanding of context and history but is also influenced by various patterns and forms. Ben consistently produces creative solutions to aesthetic, functional, and budgetary challenges. He has demonstrated excellence in coordinating consultants, staff, and work requirements to satisfy clients. His 30+ years of professional architectural experience has resulted in award-winning designs and numerous press accolades.

Associate | Architect | LEED AP

Laura Landon

A detail-oriented project architect with a focus on positive communication, Laura is passionate about working on meaningful projects that have a positive and lasting impact on our community. Laura brings 18 years of experience in architecture design and planning, with an excellent understanding of site potential and user flow. She is skilled at identifying and testing design concepts for functional yet beautiful designs. She manages multiple projects at Comma-Q and enjoys all phases of architectural projects, from design to construction. She is the “big idea” generator and “fire-putter-outter” at Comma-Q and has a major influence on Comma-Q projects.


Scott Dean

Scott has worked on a wide range of projects from civic to residential. He has over 20 years of experience in architectural drafting and design. His years of design experience brings a solid understanding of what actually works in the construction environment of Bozeman. He works well with contractors and subcontractors to resolve in-field conditions. Scott believes visual balance through scale and proportion is inherent to and essential in creating beautiful architecture.

Associate | Architect

Michael Guiliano

Mike respects the craft of building as much as the poetics of design. He is a creative designer and problem solver who brings sustainable design objectives and a sensitivity to each project which elevate the final design. Since his youth, Mike has always enjoyed the freedom of imagination, and the evolution of making ideas a part of reality. Architecture and design are vessels for this process, while demanding balance with the practicalities of our ever-changing environment.

Project Manager

Elizabeth Growney

Elizabeth is a consummate professional and brings a philosophy of creativity, quality, and service to each project. Through hard work and creative thinking, she is able to find an appropriate solution for any challenge. Her experience is primarily in public and institutional work. Elizabeth’s attention to detail allows her to anticipate and respond to design opportunities early on. She enjoys the challenges of overseeing and carrying out a project from the conception stage, construction through to the final successful completion.

Project Designer

Kelly Olinger

Kelly is captivated by the way architecture engages with people and believes strongly in architecture’s ability to positively impact life. She understands how best to create innovative human-centered solutions. She is an accomplished design facilitator with particular skill in eliciting deep thinking and idea generation toward client goals. Kelly approaches every design problem as an exploration; searching for challenging and rewarding experiences inherent to each task. An artist at heart, Kelly loves to create which brings a richness to her designs.

Project Designer

Maddie Miller

Maddie obtained her Master of Architecture degree at MSU and has worked at architecture firms and fabrication shops around the Pacific Northwest and Rockies. She is interested in how social equity can be aided by architecture and sees it as an important issue to be addressed by design. Throughout her time at MSU Maddie has worked as a furniture fabricator and enjoys designing on many different scales and working through the different problems they pose. When she is not working on a new piece of furniture or in the studio she is enjoying as much time as possible in Montana’s great outdoors preferably with her herd of poodles.

Project Development Coordinator

Alison Totten

Alison brings a refreshing and vibrant perspective to Comma-Q. With a background in art and architectural history, she appreciates and values the beauty of well-designed buildings. Alison has watched the Bozeman landscape change and evolve for more than 25 years. While change is inevitable, Alison is passionate about preserving what makes our community unique. She recognizes that thoughtful and timeless contributions are vital to our sense of place and the sustainability of our community.

Operations Manager

Rachael Maccagnano

Rachael joined Comma-Q Architecture in January of 2007. She is a 2005 graduate of Montana State University with a BS in Landscape Design. She has lived in the Gallatin Valley since she was 9 years old. With over 20 years of experience as an administrative assistant Rachael always runs a tight ship at Comma-Q and has the capacity to juggle multiple tasks in a seamless manner.