Ben Lloyd

Ben LloydPrincipal Architect | AIA LEED AP Ben Lloyd founded Comma-Q Architecture, Inc. in 1993. His 30+ years of professional architectural experience has resulted in award-winning designs and numerous press accolades. He has demonstrated excellence in coordinating consultants, staff, and work requirements to satisfy client concerns. His firm’s track-record with construction management and historic preservation provides a comprehensive approach to accommodating project variables. Ben consistently produces creative solutions to aesthetic, functional, and budgetary challenges.

Laura Landon

Laura LandonArchitect | LEED AP Laura has worked in far-flung architecture firms from Chattanooga to Sydney, Australia and in school spent a semester abroad in Helsinki. She continues to spend any vacation days she takes in remote places across the globe and across the Northern Rocky Mountain region, fishing, rafting, and generally exploring with her two daughters and accomplice, Matt. She is the “big idea” generator and “fire-putter-outter” at Comma-Q and has a major influence on Comma-Q projects.

Scott Dean

Scott DeanArchitect | Scott Dean earned a B.S. in Design Drafting from MSU-Northern in 1995 and a Master of Architecture degree from Montana State University in 2004. He is a Montana native and resides in Clyde Park with his wife and two boys.

Michael Guiliano

Architect | Mike received his Master of Architecture degree from Montana State University in 2012. Following his graduation, he committed to a year-long internship in New York City. Michael respects the craft of building as much as the poetics of design.

Sten Witmer

Architect | Sten earned his Master of Architecture degree at Montana State University in 2012. Hailing from the industrial regions of central PA, Sten has long been fascinated and involved with the process of making, mechanical concepts, and the built environment. He finds value in the reciprocity of the machine and the craftsman, and of Architecture and the community. Sten believes that some of the best ideas come from outside our industry and that a well-designed building sounds exactly like the roar of a finely tuned engine. He recharges with ink-and-watercolor drawings or gravity-fueled days in the mountains.

Elizabeth Growney

Elizabeth GrowneyProject Manager | Elizabeth is a consummate professional and brings a philosophy of creativity, quality, and service. A combination of interest in architecture and exploring mountains led Elizabeth to Montana, where she earned a Master of Architecture degree from Montana State University in 1998. Over the last 19 years her project experience has included work on public, institutional, commercial, and residential projects. Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys time spent skiing and running in the mountains, rafting the rivers, and adventuring with her husband and kids.

Kelly Olinger

Architect-in-training | Kelly received her Masters of Architecture from Montana State University in 2017. She is captivated by the way architecture engages with people and believes strongly in architecture’s ability to positively impact life. An artist at heart, Kelly loves to create which brings a richness to her designs. Kelly likes people, but horses are a close second, really close.

Heidi Rogers

Project Designer|

Heidi has an excellent understanding of architectural drawing techniques, technologies, and methods. With experience as both a carpenter and a designer, she strives for balance between beautiful, intentional design and real-world complexities. Heidi finds buildings under construction inspiring and old ruins fascinating.


Maddie Miller

Project Designer|

Maddie is in the home stretch of obtaining her Master of Architecture degree at MSU and has worked at architecture firms and fabrication shops around the Pacific Northwest and Rockies. She is interested in how social equity can be aided by architecture and sees it as an important issue to be addressed by design. Throughout her time at MSU, Maddie has worked as a furniture fabricator and enjoys designing on many different scales and working through the problems they pose. When she is not working on a new piece of furniture or in the studio, she is enjoying as much time as possible in Montana’s great outdoors (preferably with her herd of poodles).

Brooke Jackson

Architect-in-training | Brooke is currently earning her Masters of Architecture at Montana State University. As a fifth generation Bozeman native, Brooke is dedicated to preserving past and present values while promoting appropriate growth and density in the Gallatin Valley. She is inspired by her travels and dedicated to making a client’s dreams a reality.

Alison Totten

Project Development Coordinator | Alison brings a refreshing and vibrant perspective to Comma-Q. With a background in art and architectural history, she appreciates and values the beauty of well-designed buildings. Alison has watched the Bozeman landscape change and evolve for more than 25 years.  While change is inevitable, Alison is passionate about preserving what makes our community unique. She recognizes that thoughtful and timeless contributions are vital to our sense of place and the sustainability of our community.

Rachael Maccagnano

Operations Manager Rachael Maccagnano joined Comma-Q Architecture in January of 2007 as the Operations Manager. She is a 2005 graduate of Montana State University Bozeman with a BS in Landscape Design and has lived in the Gallatin Valley since she was 9 years old.

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