It’s the last day of summer and a great day for a field trip to the Cannery District! The objective: celebrate our success and talk about what was learned over the past eighteen months of design and construction at the newest addition to the Cannery District, Building N.

Sten Witmer, Project Architect

Sten Witmer, Project Architect, was our guide and showed us the way. Building N is prominently situated at the southwest corner of the bustling Cannery District, one of Bozeman’s most innovative and successful developments.

Exterior detail at steel entry canopy (there’s emergency lighting inside!)
Interior detail at south stair

The design of this new 10,400 square foot building plays on the simple industrial character of neighboring 100 year-old buildings and houses professional offices and retail spaces. At the interior, exposed steel structure, mechanical ductwork, and honest, unembellished metal stairs, blend with natural wood elements to create beautiful and comfortable spaces. Additionally, interior spaces are flooded with natural light from ample, over-sized windows and thoughtfully placed skylights.

Lighting in the new home of Mint* 

Building N is the new home of Mint* Dental and Shore to Summit Wealth Management. Both designed by Comma-Q and both filled with interesting design elements, splashes of color and playful light fixtures.

Congratulations to Cannery District Partners, Mint* Dental and Langlas & Associates, General Contractors.