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There is no better example of local politics than a Montana School District. The State of Montana passes the job funding school facilities to the people, through Bond Elections. Comma-Q Architecture helps Districts across the state provide a great education by creating great facilities.  Comma-Q is currently involved in a few school projects around the state that are in dire need of increased bonding capacity.

The student enrollment of small suburban school districts keeps going up, while the amount of facility funding has remained relatively low. Schools simply don’t have enough money to build fast enough to support their student size. What ends up happening is a constant game of “catch-up” because the schools can’t get enough money in bonding capacity to build additions to grow into, just enough to fulfill their current major needs. This causes these smaller schools to have to go through multiple design and construction phases to get what is needed built, causing more disruption and inefficiencies in construction costs.

Proposed House Bill 301 is trying to increase the bonding capacity from 50% of the district’s taxable value of the property up to 100%. This legislation doesn’t in itself raise taxes, but it gives small school districts the ability to ask their voters for larger amounts of money.

Please contact your Senator and tell them how important the education of young Montanans is to you!

More information regarding this bill (House Bill 301) can be found in the following links:

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