Mask Up

The past five months have taken a toll on our psyches and we’d all like to have life back to normal. However, the reality of that happening any time soon seems out of reach. Montanans are a resilient bunch and we will continue to roll with the punches in hopes that one day soon we will emerge on the other side of this pandemic wiser, stronger, and hopefully, kinder. That’s a tall order these days, but for what it’s worth we are all doing our part at Comma-Q to care about others and the community in which we live.

Comma-Q’s identity is intertwined with our community and the relationships that we have built for over 25 years. We consider ourselves lucky to live and work in such a special part of the world and this has proven to be especially true during these days defined by quarantine, social distancing and working from home. We have the luxury of stepping outside into an abundance of beautiful outdoor trails, rivers and open space with plenty of social distancing.  

For now, we are doing our part to keep our community strong by following Governor Bullock’s directive and masking up. While out and about a mask protects our neighbors and those working the front lines at retail stores, restaurants and other establishments that are the lifeblood of our local economy, especially during the busy summer months. We depend on our Bozeman businesses to always be there for us.  We want our community to thrive, businesses to stay open and employees to stay healthy. Keeping a lid on COVID helps us all.

Please don’t mistake inconvenience for oppression; show a little kindness and humility – wear a mask.