Kiwi House Accolades

Kiwi House, MT- Owner: SheaThe Comma-Q designed Kiwi House (Owners: Stephen and Julie Shea) has commanded some recent attention. Organic Authority writes:

The Kiwi Home is a tiny, tiny house residing in Bozeman, MT. The entire eco-friendly home takes up 823 square feet of land. Sustainable architecture was implemented in the building of the single-family home; it faces the sun and is centered around a hearth. The modern hearth is a wood-burning, Tulikivi soapstone fireplace. The fireplace works with radiant heating in the home’s polished, concrete floor, which creates a sustainable and cost-effective heat source. The small, modern home also features super-insulated construction and photovoltaic panels.
“Tiny House Among a Movement: The Kiwi Home”

And Tulikivi, the fireplace manufacturer, also did a feature:

Designed by Ben Lloyd and Laura Landon of Comma-Q Architecture, Inc., the Bozeman home, at 823 square feet, supports the Sheas’ active lifestyle, is about minimum size and maintenance, and was constructed with maximum quality materials.

“The ‘Kiwi House’ is organized around the primal element of fire,” says Lloyd. “It looks to the sun, and centers around a hearth featuring a wood-burning Tulikivi soapstone fireplace, to create an environment that is both energy efficient and comfortable.”
“Small Wonder: 823 Sq. Ft. Montana Kiwi House Brings New Zealand Home”