Jabs Hall – the Z dimension

A lot has happened at Jabs Hall since excavation started in June. Except it’s a little tough to see because most of it is underground! 59 drilled concrete foundation caissons have been constructed. They range in diameter from 2 feet to 4 feet and in some places as deep as 37 feet. 26 of 52 geothermal wells have been installed, each one 500 feet deep. When the geothermal field is completed next summer there will be more than 10 miles of tubing that links the wells together. 216 feet of utility tunnel has also been constructed, which connects to the university’s existing tunnel system allowing for an efficient and¬†eminently¬†maintainable system.



Dick Anderson Construction Project Engineer Jake VanDuesen, Project Architect Tripp Lewton, and DAC Project Superintendant Greg Schermele

This week, the most visible building component above ground is the east stair tower as it is topped off at the 4-story height of the primary structure.

The frame of the building will be constructed with steel, some of which is already on site. It will be flown into place over the next few weeks, so look for lots of above-grade Z dimension changes in November and December.