Hole-y “Hardscaping”


Typically hard surfaces used at the exterior in residential or commercial projects are considered by most regulatory authorities to be “impermeable.”  Essentially not letting water pass through the surface.  Products of the impermeable category include sidewalks, parking lots, and most module pavers.  Recently, a push by sustainable culture has has opened the door for fresh new manufacturers of alternative permeable hardscape products:

Crushed Glass Asphalt

Impermeable Pavers

Gravel Paving Grids

Porous Asphalt

Open Cell Pavers

While most projects either think they cannot afford these options, or are unknowing of their wonders, recent research for a current residential project turned up an impermeable paver product that meets tights budgets and has great performance testing.  Meet Klorostone.  A highly functional, versatile product also providing great aesthetic choices.

Klorostone Quick Stats:

Permeates 2 inches of water in 60 seconds.  (Estimated water shed during a 100 year flood)

Compressive Strength:  5430 psi (That’s better than standard concrete sidewalks and asphalt roads at 3-4k psi)

Tested with no failure for 28 rapid freeze thaw cycles.

4 standard colors to beautify your patios, driveway, or entryways.

Website:  http://arourallc.com/