Easy Rider

I joined the legions of bicyclers here in Bozeman, as well as the majority of my co-workers at Comma-Q, with my new commuter bicycle yesterday. Having lived 25 miles from work almost my entire working life, I was excited to try bicycling to and from work when I moved to Bozeman. This morning was my first ride with all the “rush hour” commuters, and I have to sincerely thank all the thoughtful drivers that I rode with, and give a high five to all my fellow bicyclists. For any other timid bicyclers out there I encourage you to give it a try, as it really enhances your daily commute to bicycle. This week is Bike to Work Week here in Bozeman and it’s National Bike to Work Month for the entire month of May. I cannot think of a better place to celebrate than here in Montana. Viva la bicyclette!