Daredevil Architecture

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport expansion Project Manager Elizabeth Growney spends a lot of time at the airport. On the ground. When presented with the MTQBattical she thought it might be a good idea to fly in the face of gravity and experience the big sky up close – both fast and slow. Elizabeth took a trip 2 miles up, then dropped like a rock from an airplane, she also silently and slowly glided over the valley floor examining topography from a hot air balloon. 

Elizabeth’s Drop Zone

So, what did this adrenaline junkie, who is clearly not afraid of heights, learn? Viewing a place from an elevated height reveals things about it that may never otherwise be observed from the ground. Patterns within nature, developed land, and the interaction between the two become defined. Landscapes get lost in textures interwoven, interrupting themselves, and repeating. A new perspective is gained understanding that scale at the macro and micro levels are overlaid, often seeming interchangeable.

Plus, it’s a pretty amazing view!

Flying High!