CoB Open House 1

MSU College of Business project Informational Open House
MSU CoB meeting- open houseMeeting 1.2 was Feb 2 2012, Reid Hall 415
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The three main objectives in the Programming Phase:

  • What goes in the building?
  • How big is the building?
  • Where is the building?

The Design Team Goals are:
Listen & Learn / Establish a Common Language / Develop Evaluation Criteria

Kathleen Kavanaugh, Programming Consultant, asked the attendees their thoughts about the Site, the Building, and the Role the Building Should Play for MSU. Among the responses:

  • Consider the green space.
  • Removed car parking spaces should be relocated.
  • Bike parking area.
  • The building needs to assist in developing partnerships with other disciplines and community businesses.
  • Windows are a serious problem for the AV use inside the auditorium space: Auditoriums don’t have to be windowless.MSU CoB meeting- open house
  • Natural light, views and windows area priority.
  • Transparency in this building, seeing out and seeing in: fosters professionalism.
  • Good transitions coming out of the teaching spaces: as much positive interactions with the student walking out of class as inside class.
  • Make breakout spaces in buildings for coffee and sandwiches: important for students and staff to have positive interactions.