Bozeman High School Makeover

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports: “Bozeman High’s $36 million makeover begins:”

Jackhammers pounding and backhoes tearing up asphalt at the old Chief Joseph Middle School signal that the $36 million renovation of Bozeman High School has finally started.

School Board Chairman Gary Lusin, who has been wrestling with the project since 2002, said this week he is confident the public will feel the renovation is being done right and will result in a high school the community can be proud of.

The school will look better outside and function much better inside, he said. The renovation should also provide a transition to the time when Bozeman may have to build a second high school.

“We’re real proud of this,” said architect Ben Lloyd of Comma-Q Architecture, who has worked on the plans for four years. “It’s going to be one of the better high schools in the state.”