Bozeman High Exceeds Expectations

A worker walks through the framing of what will be the Bozeman High School library reading room. Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports Bozeman High is “Exceeding expectations:”

The new face of Bozeman High School is taking shape, and so far people like what they see. Ben Lloyd of Comma Q Architecture said people who drive by the school’s new peak-roofed, 50,000-square-foot addition on North 11th Avenue see how big it is and how different it looks and say, “Wow.”

“I really think, with the enhancements we’ve been allowed to do, it’s going to exceed expectations,” Lloyd said. “It already has.”

The $36 million reconstruction project is about 40 percent finished, Kevin Barre, the school district’s assistant facilities director, estimated Friday during a tour of the muddy construction site. The work is on schedule, Barre said, even though millions of dollars in improvements have been added to the original, bare-bones plan.