Big Skyscrapers

Montana Hall was destroyed.  At least that’s what we told the kids.

The yarn continued: They were now charged with replacing the building.  Theoretically, new building codes allowed, and encouraged, super-tall buildings.  The function of the new skyscraper was left up to the designer.

The Given:  Laser-cut model bases

Model Base

We started with a familiar, local site so that imaginations could run wild from a foundation in reality.  The experiment ran.  Messes were made, glue was poured, tape was dispensed.  Dreams were realized. Construction challenges were faced, moms and dads became builders, design talent was honed. Fun was had. Skyscrapers came to life from cardboard, plastic, and glue at 1/64″ = 1′-0″ scale (or something like that).

The Process: Paper, Plastic, Scissors, Tape & Glue

Process pics

The event was the 2016 Monforton Art & Culture Fair, the annual fundraiser to support Arts and Cultural Education at Monforton School.  Comma-Q has had the pleasure of working with Monforton School on multiple occasions in recent history to help them meet the challenges of a fast-growing population.  Most recently, we worked with Monforton to design a middle school, currently under construction on their campus near Four Corners.  (More here:  Schoolin’ )

We were delighted to help when they asked us to host an architecturally-focused “booth” at their Art & Culture Fair.  Yay, Art!  Thanks Monforton!


The Product:  Final Models

Final Model Pics