Big Sky Woodworks

Bill and Susie Friedman's vacation homeDistinctly Montana magazine featured a Comma-Q collaboration with “Big Sky Woodworks & Design:”

“We needed tons of glass to provide the majestic views the house has.” The Spanish Peaks and Lone Peak are seen through the lodge’s large windows. The Friedman’s log home was designed with family and friends in mind. A lot of space is dedicated to guests. Two spacious, cozy master bedrooms and adjacent bathrooms stand ready for lucky friends…

“I think it’s difficult to build a house in more than two colors and to have each surface looks different, using so many materials, “says architect Patrick Larum of Comma-Q Architecture Inc. in Bozeman. Larum, who worked in sync with John Seelye and Jackie from the beginning, maintains that what was decided at the beginning is fully revealed in the end. “It could never look like anyone else’s house but the owners’. This realization of a person’s vision took immense craftsmanship, detailing, and as usual, lots of balance on the contractor’s side to meet the wishes weather, budget, and clients’ requests. See, we can draw anything, but when it comes to building that anything, it is a totally different matter. It can be a real challenge. John and his contractors took this challenge and turned it into the exact result Jackie and her husband had imagined.”