Comma-Q for the Assist!

Over the past two years LEET Corporation spawned a new sport, developed a following, and introduced themselves to Finland via MTV 3 . As the Finnish masses peered at their TV’s, there was a little bit of Bozeman on the screen.  Comma-Q designed the arena for the reality TV show, “The Winning Team”.

A few years ago the arena was just an idea.  The fast-paced LEET team, armed with a couple napkin sketches, turned to Comma-Q for the development of a LEET venue.  Adding to the challenge of designing an arena for a brand new, energy-packed sport, we communicated design and construction efforts from Bozeman, to Whitefish, to Los Angeles, a brief stop in London, and finally to Helsinki.  What a ride!

On your marks, get set, LEET!  | LEET Rules Video

Quick Stats:

Endwall Goal Design:  10m x 25m glazed curtain wall design maintaining a seamless “backboard” surface supported by a large steel frame with visually low profile spider connections.

Court design and specification: 25 m x 45m Athletic surface banked by half pipe curves on two sides.  Working closely with the flooring manufacturer we developed a field-tested reliable installation method with a high performing athletic surface.

\ORANGERedirectedFolderscoleDesktop1126 Leet Arena (Animati Construction Shot shot from leet facebook shot from leet facebook

Team Members:

Client:  LEET Corporation (Producer Tim Howard, Los Angeles, California)

Structural Engineer:  Eclipse Engineering  (Whitefish, Montana)

Contractor:  YIT Group

Project Location:  Kotka, Finland