AIA Montana 2007 Design Awards

American Institute of Architects logo2007 Award of Excellence
American Institute of Architects- Montana Design Awards
Honor Award

Architects of Record: Intrinsik Architecture Inc.; Comma Q Architecture, Inc.

North Black Row

North Black Row(Project Sheet pdf) — North Black Row began as an infill project on an oddly shaped site that had been vacant for over twenty years. The parcel is located in a transitionally zoned neighborhood, two blocks north of Bozeman’s Main Street historic district and south of an established neighborhood with mostly older homes. The eventual owner/developer/builder of the property scrapped a previously designed controversial housing project that came with the land purchase.

It became the charge of the new design team, including two collaborating architectural firms, to formulate an attached housing project that would serve as a bridge between adjacent central business district and medium residential zoned properties.

The developed program and concept focused on creating five individual lot town homes. Typical attached housing often results in a linear configuration and common walls that significantly restrict air and light to internal units. The design team broke common conventions to create unique interior and exterior spaces.

Each housing unit was designed individually, while staying within strict common property line code restrictions. Attention to material use, color and detailing along with massing and dimensional baselines were used create subtile unification of these unique interior and exterior spaces.

Creating comfortable housing in a relatively dense configuration all within walking distance of schools, businesses and civic buildings contribute to the popularity of this infill project. The finished project has proven to be a distinctive model for contemporary and compatible housing and presents a level of sustainability through density and location to community services.