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OUR IDEA. At Comma-Q Architecture, Inc., our design approach responds to the client needs and site-specifics of each project. We create places that inspire, from quality residential and commercial projects to historic renovations. Our firm blends outstanding value in architectural services with creative solutions for the individual lives and requirements of every client.

A SENSE OF PLACE. Our people understand the locations where we build. Decades of experience in Montana, and a knowledge of its people, climate, and history and beauty, enables us to create appropriate, functional and beautiful design solutions: solutions that fit the individual and the landscape.

OUR WORK SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. Recent projects include North Black Row, Gallatln County Courtroom, Studio AV, and the Sayre-Abbey Residence. Our reputation for innovative design is apparent in projects such as the Kybartas Residence, Rudner-Muench Residence, and Northside.

COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY.   Architecture is about problem-solving, which requires teamwork and collaboration. Successful projects require strong communication between client, architect, contractors, and government agencies to create the best possible designs for the real world, and to get projects completed on time and on budget. Comma-Q takes an active role in facilitating this communication and encouraging teamwork so that problems get solved.

OUR PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. The most important resource we can offer is our people. Comma-Q’s architects and designers have years of training and are experienced  in turning a client’s vision, wants, and needs into a creative and functional solution. We believe in engaging directly with our clients in order to provide them with the best possible results. Although we have sophisticated computer software to provide support, we never lose sight of what dialogue and a pencil can accomplish.

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